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Write what you know, but don’t stop there!

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Kenna Gordon


“Write what you know.” I have heard that phrase several times this week. The simple sentence confines my imagination and the imagination of the reader in my opinion. I write fiction filled with the unknown, laced with some semblance of truth—my truth. In that sense I write what I know, but I don’t stop there.

I have always loved to research topics, any topic. My parent’s claim that my first word was why and I have been asking why, ever since. This element of my personality makes me a great researcher. If I don’t know about a topic you can be sure I am going to find out every detail before I write about it.

Currently, we have the world readily available—literally. I jump on the internet and type in any subject I want to explore and shazam, there it is. (This is where I will interject the disclaimer.) Don’t…

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