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I am a wife, mother, writer, and I love books!!  I love the smell of books, the feel of a book (yes, I am a hardcover snob), but most of all I love to read books!

And how did I get here…

One of Each,  By Terri Jones

I have always wondered if I was a product of my family or did God give me a distinct personality before I was conceived? How did this group of people, I call my family, influence who I am today? When asked how many children he had my father would reply, “I have four children–one of each.”

Every Sunday morning you could find the Jones Family in our usual pew. My father, the pastor, felt it was important to sit together as a family. My mother sat on one end of the pew, next to her was my baby brother Scott. As the oldest I took my place next to the youngest sibling. Jeff, the oldest male, sat between his two sisters, much to his dismay. My baby sister Kelly sat next to my grandparents who always took their place at the other end of the pew. Our clothes cleaned and neatly pressed not a hair out of place. We all looked very similar, the Jones chin and the Curtis nose always gave us away. We were lined up like a set of books with the same binding–yet a different story in each.

I am the free spirit. Others chose to call it rebellion when I would constantly pose the question–Why? My sense of adventure calls to me, filling me with a need to find the challenge in everything. I dream in color, my head is in the clouds, and I always have a pair of rose-colored glasses at hand. As the oldest I am impatient, responsible, my devotion to those I love unwavering.

Jeff is analytical, very black and white. He always had his nose in a book. He was the student to whom A’s came effortlessly. My oldest brother would spend hours in his room reading, writing stories, creating a world where he felt safe. As the oldest male he is the leader, a decision maker, and although he seems removed from us at times I know he would be there for me through thick and thin.

Kelly was the baby for several years and played the part well. Always graving love—she needed the approval and attention of others. Her smile and a laugh were infectious. Kelly’s room was a constant mess as she struggled to get her life organized.  She is loving, compassionate, and always manages to find the fun in everything.

Scott, the baby, could do no wrong. He came into this world when I was 10. He had a full head of curly brown hair, the most beautiful blue eyes, and a smile that could capture even the hardest heart. The most favored child, he was loved by all and to this day people can’t help but like him. He followed in my father’s footsteps, independent, and sure of his place in this world.

We are four individuals sharing the same heritage, physical characteristics, and values. Yet, each one is as different as the changing seasons. My parents have always encouraged us to be the unique individuals that God created us to be. I now know that my father was right. He has four children–one of each.

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